Instead of the classic steering wheel, you can opt for the Linde Steer Control on the new Linde forklifts. With this, Linde is now taking the next logistical step toward even deeper cooperation between operator and truck.


De Linde Steer Control

This innovative concept consists of a joystick or a dial on the left armrest, the choice depends on the customer.

The new operating mode brings only remarkable advantages. For example, the operator will have a better view of the fork tips and be less physically stressed.

Depending on the situation, Linde Steer Control also adjusts the sensitivity of the steering elements. This means that the vehicle will react differently to the same hand movement at a different driving speed.

De draaiknop (ministuur of miniwiel)

It is very similar to the classic steering wheel. Allowing new users to quickly work with the dial.


We recommend the joystick in special circumstances. It is made to allow fast and powerful changes in direction of travel. Therefore, the joystick is suitable for short trips with many turns in tight spaces.

On the wheels, there is also an automatic repositioning feature on it. This can be advantageous when starting or pushing a load forward in a straight line.