Konecranes Lift Trucks introduces another clever way to save fuel and lower emissions


The Auto Start-Stop feature turns off the engine whenever the lift truck idles for a period of time and restarts it automatically when needed. The saving principle is simple. When the engine does not  run, it does not consume fuel.

Auto Start-Stop turns off the engine when it is not needed. When the lift truck is idling, you put it into neutral and take your foot off the brake pedal to activate the function. "Start-Stop" then appears on the info (MDL) display, the engine shuts off after a few seconds, and the parking brake will automatically engage. To re-start the engine, simply press the brake pedal. If the lift truck is stationary but power is needed for lifting, touching the lifting lever or joystick will automatically re-start the engine.

Safety is not compromised

Driving comfort or safety are not compromised by the function. Working lights, cabin ventilation and heating, as well as safety functions are designed to continue to operate during automatic engine stoppage. Auto Start-Stop will not activate until the engine has reached operating temperature and is designed to keep the battery charged for the next engine re-start.

The Auto Start-Stop function is controlled by a central control unit that monitors data from relevant sensors. The control unit will automatically restart the engine when the driver presses the brake or drive pedal, or if the battery state of charge drops too much. Pressing the brake pedal will release the parking brake as well, but this can also be done by undoing the parking brake switch.

The Auto Start-Stop system recognizes the difference between a temporary stop and the end of a job. It will not restart the engine if the driver's seatbelt is undone, if the cabin door is open, or if the engine stoppage time has exceeded a preset time-out value.

Reduces fuel consumption, extends engine service intervals

The Auto Start-Stop feature is designed to significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It will typically save 5 to 15% in fuel consumption, depending on operating conditions. It also reduces noise levels and driver fatigue, and extends the factual engine service intervals based on running hours.

Konecranes Lift Trucks have developed the Auto Start-Stop function in co-operation with Volvo Penta. The Auto Start-Stop function is available with selected Volvo3B/Tier4i engines, as well as with all coming stage 4/Tier 4f Volvo engines.

The quest for eco-efficiency

In January 2013, Konecranes Lift Trucks launched the first electric hybrid reach stacker in the world. Now we are launching the Auto Start-Stop function, probably another first for heavy-duty lift trucks. We are thus leading the way in the quest to improve the eco-efficiency of heavy-duty lift trucks.

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